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Introduction to HETfootball and the 'Spirit of the Game Initiative':





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 No swearing – no abuse – no fouling and it’s fun!


In my work with young people of all ages and abilities:- I have always found there to be one area of common ground ...  the football pitch!



After  two years of setting up a therapeutic HET Department in an independent sector school for some of

the most challenging young people in the country. I was delighted to be invited to pilot a programme of

'HET football' around Geoff Francis' teenage novel 'Spirit of the Game'. Upon achieving some amazing

outcomes from the pilot, I was asked to produce an interactive educational resource pack to accompany

the novel and to share the success and fun of the pilot programme.



We are deligthed to be able to offer the full accredited package right now!!!!! 






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Also details of these books and the forthcoming film are available on:




A team of HET therapists worked together in reaching out to these young people

 through the novel. 


There were some very amazing and surprising outcomes.

NOT ONLY ...  a major breakthrough in some entrenched negative attitudes

but a huge improvement in football skills and sportsmanship. 




This in turn led to an ASDAN customised outcome certificate

for their participation in the novel.



As this progressed, these young people were  able to share their skills

and positive attitudes to other youngsters as mentors. 



Here is a great example from the pilot programme

when respecting the player you have accidentally fouled

is more important than scoring the goal –


 Sir Stan would have been proud of him!!





This approach  progressed to an ASDAN accredited  short course in football. 


All of these opportunities led towards a qualfication. 



To find out more about accreditation please click here.





  HET  Student Matt Benson receives his HET Football Certificate from Former Wolves Goal keeping Legend Matt Murray






The outcome is  football like you don’t normally see it .


And it’s football with a bigger purpose than just putting the ball in the net.



The goal here is life changing!



The rules are strict. Break them and it’s a straight red card.








As a result of the successful pilot programme the project was sponsored through a

magnificent inflatable pitch courtesy of

The Murry Foundation. 

This meant we expanded our 4 aside teams to leagues and involved other family members as well . 


This is itself was an interesting way to combat negative family attitudes as  described in the character of Will in 'The Spirit of the Game'.

 What's more the approach leads to family members also getting qualfications!









Working through the educational resource pack  opens up an understanding with the reader into the novel's themes, characters and storylines in the book. 


Each chapter is easy to read and leads into a creative project which expands the reader's understanding and  breaks into some entrenched negative attitudes. 


Often this leads into more deeper issues and a third level to the resource opens up the opportunity for therapeutic support behind some of the experiences which give rise to such attitudes.



For more information on this and accessing  a fully downloadable resource including:


Spirit of the Game Novel


The Black Man with A white Face companion book


The Spirit of the Game Interactive Educational Resource 


      Registration for an accredited certificate


An opportunity to be part of the forthcoming 2D animated film based  on the novel, 

opening up the creative media opportunities.




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Synopsis of the novel:

The novel addresses many of today’s issues (on and off the football pitch) which bring the game into disrepute alongside the behaviour of some  footballer role models. The story focuses on a young “No- hoper” and his unique friendship with Footballing legend Sir Stanley Matthews.



The inspiration that the ‘Spirit of the Game’ brings to Jamie, the central character, enables him to reach his true potential in a football career.



Geoff Francis’ novel for young people addresses many of the complex issues around a ,football centred hooligan culture such as racism, violence, gang culture etc. 



The novel cleverly weaves a very accessible plot and characters around many of today’s issues in society.











For a FREE  'taster' of the 'Spirit of the Game' by Geoff Francis and  the Interactive Educational programme that accompanies the book :

Please Click here for your free sample chapter 



Here are some films of how leading sports personalities have helped us

to put the HET football messages of Stan Matthews across to young people

on the pilot scheme.




Heather Fisher:





 Paul Hall:



Matt Murray









and we will get back to you with details.