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From this page you are now able to download the complete programme to start working on the project straight away.


Firstly, you will need to access 'The Spirit of The Game' Teenage Novel by Geoff Francis


I would suggest you read the novel before attempting to work through it with a young person. It is an easy and enjoyable read, which doesn't take long. This approach will help you frame how you are going to use it with the young person concerned. As a rough guide it is generally aimed at the 12 years + age group.


Then you will need to access 'The Spirit of the Game ' Educational Resource Pack by Linda Porter


You can then read through the outcomes of the successful pilot project and can see how the suggested activities relate to each chapter on 3 levels:


How to get the most out of understanding the book on its literary merit and improve a young reader's understanding.


How to follow up on creative projects which practically reinforce the understanding into some of the underlying themes and concepts.


How to relate ingrained attitudes and negative past experiences into a therapeutic support programme.




At this point, as you are working through the chapters you will need to develop, with your reader an understanding into the life and philosophy of Sir Stanley Matthews. You will need to be able to access this course study and research guide; 'The Black man with a White Face' by Geoff Francis.

Again I suggest at this point that you read this companion book first, in order that you are able to pick out the points you think best suit your learner's level of ability and understanding.


As you complete each chapter, you may wish to post your reader's project activites online. These can be:

blog entries, 

forum discussions, 



audio files 

testimonials etc.

In terms of accreditation, one ASDAN certificate is awarded for a 10 hour project which must be authenticated by yourself as a parent / carer or professional working alongside the young person.



Although the interactive resource pack focuses on practical creative projects to engage young people on their learning pathway, it is also desirable that practical sports skills and sportsmanship play a significant part in the programme. Films of personal improvements in skills and attitudes and team / league games which represent the 'Spirit of the Game' principles are particularly invited for submission.



In order to register the young person on line you will need to email me: 



- As soon as I can validate you are who  you say you are, I will email you a user name and password which you can change, when you log onto the site.



At this point you can access the different facilities on the site by simply watching the following link:   



Each time a contribution is uploaded to the site, the member receives an award point which can be used as part of the bespoke rewards and incentives package in HET. Of course this also represents evidence towards their certification as well . 



Once you are ready to apply for certification, 



please email  




and you will be forwarded a simple cover sheet that you will be required to fill in with the young person concerned. When this is returned to us we can assess and moderate their projects and their  certificate is processed upon completion of this. 



Once the certificate is returned to us from the Awarding Body, we will post it out to you with a £10 note inside as a special reward addressed to the young person concerned.


When the outcomes of the project has been processed, you will be sent details of how this project will be submitted to the Directors and Producers of the forthcoming 2D animated version of the 'Spirit of the Game.' This will then feature in a special DVD accompanying the film and could also feature as a prop, in the actual film itself. At this point the project will be posted onto a special website dedicated to the film and run by the Producer, Director, Author and Creative Media Company, who will keep you informed of the developments. 


For more information on this we shall shortly be posting to this page: - 

'HOW TO BE PART OF THE CREATIVE MEDIA CHALLENGE.'....... So watch this space! 

To purchase the full accreditation pack which includes: 


The Spirit of the Game ebook, 

The Black man with A White Face Ebook, 

The Spirit of the Game Educational resource pack, 

Full accreditation costs for certification for an ASDAN Award - accredited outcome. 

A ten pound note as a reward for completing the project. 

Competition entry to the Creative Media Challenge

Website membership and adminstration costs



Total Inclusive fee of £65 GBP*


* Additonal certificates for parents or professionals who are working alongside the young perosn are available at £10 per certificate. Please note that these fees do not include progression into separate qualfications which are available at additional qualification fees. These are  available on request.




Please click the purchase button below.