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 "Until we engage that young person into a way of learning that becomes fun and fulfilling they will be educationally resistant."




When we see how a young person has become learning resistant and we empower them to learn in a fun based and fulfilling way....


Then behaviour will get better!


HET adopts a whole new approach to learning and it has proved very powerful in helping children and young people who have experienced difficulties in succeeding within a traditional learning classroom environment.


Here is a case study involving a HET student. His name is Brandon and through using a HET technique called 'Learning Tree' as part of our TLC ( Therapeutic Learning Curriculum), we were able to  get to the 'roots' of his learning enjoyment - through birds of prey and....


His relationship with his Dad! 



This is a Family Learning Support Programme that  takes parents / carers  and  child / young person, step by step into releasing all the blocks which prevent that young person from reaching their full potential because of behavioural challenges, whatever the reason.


This short film explains how HET Learning Tree Model works:




This is an accredited, unique and successful programe. It is designed to make learning fun, build self confidence and self esteem and bridge that home school divide in partnership together.  It is accredited to lead into qualifications and to support every individual because everyone is unique and whatever the label of behavioural problems that may have been attached to your child - Your child is unique and individual in who they are and how they learn. This approach is accredited through ASDAN


Please click below to see a film which gives you an overview of the whole accreditation process and how that progresses for a young person, into a qualification framework.







childThis whole learning process can take place in the comfort of your own home, with the help of our online tutors and virtual online  learning environment.

The programme is very helpful for pupils who have been excluded or are having challenges through attending traditional classroom environments.




There are many ways that you can access this educational programme, which has proved to be invaluable for parents / carers and professionals in supporting  children and young people.


Our online TLC programme can be accredited in many ways:


Through customised projects designed with you and the young person concerned ( See Brandon's story above),  which progresses into a qualification framework through ASDAN  programmes.


We can deliver these online with you, through a virtual learning environment or if you prefer to follow some of our existing progrmmes e.g. :


Spirit of the Game  sports and football Initiative,


Drug Awareness Projects,


A model  of Eco projects designed around sustainability and the environment


or the HETties interactive e-book for young people.... and More!


Then please contact