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When Ruby and I worked together helping young people with emotional problems, We often used to visit the animal sanctuary. We started off at Green Meadow Sanctuary in Pattingham near Wolverhampton.


Here the children helped me make some natural remedies up for the animals. Very often these animals had experienced a bad time in the past. By making friends and helping the animals, sometimes the children could understand how they felt, as they had some bad experiences too. So the friendship helped the animals and also the children learned about remedies that could help them to  feel better as well.



Here is a project about Buster the Sheep. It was in your starter pack but if you missed it you  might like to take a look  at it now.


Please right click - to save the project


Ruby and I then went on to live in Glastonbury where Ruby was in charge of setting up the animal sanctuary there for children and their families to come and visit and help. They were able to stay in touch online through a solar powered webcam after they went home .



This is where we met Daisy the pig with behavioural problems who came back with us and Ruby taught her how to help children and their families.



Through Daisy, we met 'Jayne1962'. She works at a children’s home and is setting up an animal sanctuary there, so the children and the animals can help each other there too.


If you have an animal sanctuary, let us know and we can feature it on here. Children can learn about the animals’ stories and which remedies can help and also can adopt an animal online to help and perhaps develop our random acts of kindness theme by helping out – here’s a suggestion:


How about making some of our Eco Projects and selling them to raise some funds to help your adopted online HET PET?


For more information on this contact me ( or jayne1962 directly through the website


Jayne would appreciate all the help she can get in setting this up:


Here are some updates from Jayne:








11th April 2010.


Dear All,


Hope you are enjoying the fine weather….about time!! Big Thank You this week to Daisy and family for umpteen bags of potting compost, this will soon be put to use to create some mini gardens/herb gardens to sell at the car boot sales and generate funds, a scavenger hunt is underway for more tarpaulin to cover the schoolroom floor…why? We don’t have a greenhouse so will have to be creative in creating one in the schoolroom! Talking of car boots…the season is now upon us and having spent 5 hours sorting through the remainder of last years stock we will soon be ready to take more donations. McKenzie and Dustin were very helpful during the sorting process and managed to knock over the neatly stacked boxes more than once and generally created mayhem!


The all important outer fencing for the pig pens is now complete leaving just the inner dividers to do, a couple of gates and thanks to a kind donation of 8’ x 4’ boards and the finer weather we are well on the way to being able to build a house.


Having contacted Dustins former owner Ade this week we were pleased to hear that all his expected lambs have now been born and he no longer has to get up at silly o’clock, if they turn out to be as good as Dustin I’m sure he’ll be very happy.


All is quiet on the hen front, the four ladies that joined us last continue to thrive and enjoy life and all the attention they are getting, we decided to give them a treat and let them into the well grassed sheep pen, some of the more determined ones managed to escape and enjoyed a walk around the grounds and one decided to have a fly over to where Daisy will be living and promptly got herself stuck!


Seamus has not only grown a beard but new confidence and now enjoys his walk on a lead with Cuthbert around the grounds, one of our young residents spent the entire walk saying I can’t believe I’m talking a goat for a walk on a lead and having been dragged sideways several times declared it’s much easier walking a dog!


Big Plans for the Summer!! But you’ll have to wait and see what they are…watch this space!


Thanks to all for your continued support,


All at The Paddock



Cuthbert showing Seamus the way!



Dear Paddock Friends/Supporters,


Wow! Very busy time and some really great news! I really don't know where to start so here goes in event order.....firstly I had the pleasure of going to meet Daisy at her home with Lin and was treated to breakfast...ok so I watched while she ate she really is a character and we're looking forward to when she moves in, I'm also working on a smelly jumper to get her used to my smell, I'm sure those brave enough to come near me on mucking out days will vouch for it being a strong odour!....when is the keyword here as we seem to be encountering a few problems with the fencing! What with the weather, shortage of manpower (and womenpower might I add) and following instructions that turned out to be a little on the wrong side...we will get there and hopefully soon!


The chickens kidnapped from 'next door' have all settled in well, have started laying and really love attention, they'll follow you around just for a stroke and I'm really pleased with how they're all getting on


Seamus the pygmy goat has a new trick! On returning from a sorrowful 'fence' viewing I noticed him....on top of the large dog kennel the chickens use as a shelter and will soon upload the video of him stuck on top!


Tuesday this week saw the visit of Stafford Animal Health department....unannounced and our first full name it he checked it, medical records, holding, biosecurity, food storage, equipment, tags the list was endless not to mention me shaking in my boots! We passed with flying colors and now have Farm Quality Assured Status so we're really pleased to get this in our first year


We have had some very generous donations this week for which we send a BIG THANK YOU....without the help we get we wouldn't be able to achieve what we have and are always very grateful to receive any item large or small which brings me too a really happy ending.


Mckenzie has a new friend!!!!!!! His name is Dustin Hoofman and he's a really handsome fellow. After being contacted through Preloved, a gentleman called Ade Jones very very kindly donated him to us and we are very grateful that we can finally provide McKenzie with much needed company of her own kind...little does she realise...she now has to share her 11am digestives.


I've attached a couple of photos for a sneak preview...over the weekend I will be adding a lot more to the site (if I can stay awake!) so be sure to log in and have a look


Thank you all for your support,

Kindest Regards

Jayne and all the animals















Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the fine weather! The free seeds from the BBC Dig In arrived and with the help of the young people have not only been planted but most have already sprouted…someone has green fingers…not me! A wonderful morning was spent in the sun with a makeshift table erected in the field, our free compost is very good quality….Thank You Daisy and Lin. The laundry room has made a fine greenhouse and we are now on the hunt for plant pots any size or shape for pricking out ready to sell at the car boot sales and yes…we are finally ready to embark on getting up  ridiculously early on a Sunday morning, all former stock has now been sorted (any unwanted items have been recycled or sent to charity shops) an exercise that was thoroughly enjoyed by the young people at the home and we are ready and eager to take in further donations and raise much needed funds as the vaccination and worming programmes will no doubt gobble up a good few quid!!


Since the last newsletter it would appear that our four legged and feathered friends have become rather bold! Throughout the morning the hens are allowed the freedom of their own pen and the goats and it would seem they are not satisfied with that and now take great delight in finding their way out on a daily basis….or should I say ever time you turn your back and now also take great delight in emptying the bedding from the goat shed! And those goats….well….Seamus is really feeling his feet and has entered the stroppy teenager phase using his head for other activities than for thinking! Although we are delighted he has finally come out of his shell we will now need to teach him some manners and the fact that destroying the fence and letting himself and Cuthbert out into the grounds on a ramble is not a good idea, especially as they both enjoyed tormenting the sheep by running up and down along their paddock fence.  

Both of the sheep have been very well behaved over the last couple of weeks, we have managed to start treating all the handrails and sheds after the harsh winter and not only have the young people enjoyed this but the sheep have actually managed to control themselves and not knock over any open paint pots or turn themselves into walking rainbows by brushing against the painted surfaces….now there’s a first…mind you the humans didn’t quite manage it!  We are definitely on countdown to shearing now, McKenzie’s fleece is very long and thick and she really needs to part with it but we just need to wait a little longer until the overnight frosts have passed, Dustins coat is very much shorter so doesn’t present the same problems for him, you can see the difference in fleece in the next photo,

Hopefully we should have some photos of successful planting for you in the next newsletter, in the meantime we hope you all have a very enjoyable Bank Holiday Monday with more lovely weather J

 Best Wishes from all at ‘The Paddock’  









Very innocent they look on this recent photo!




Left – Sorting, Middle – Billboard, Right – Last years stall.




A soggy Hello to All,

Another busy time….we hope you are all well and we're wondering who stole the yellow ball out of the sky!  Not exactly the start to May we had hoped for with much to do outdoors and  being ready and waiting to go car booting to raise much needed funds for maintenance and most importantly annual vaccinations, shearing and worming….let’s hope the sun reappears and fast!



Back to latest news –

This issue of the newsletter is mainly dedicated to our sheep. We have been looking for several months to find the services of a GOOD sheep shearer, at the moment there is a national shortage of shearers so the search has been a little frustrating.

We didn’t just want someone who would turn up, manhandle the sheep, do the job and leave….. especially with both McKenzie and Dustin being first timers! We are very pleased to say we have managed to book Phillip ‘The Singing Shearer’ who is travelling all the way from Yorkshire (26th May)! He is very experienced having done educational displays for schools and events etc and not only will he (sympathetically) shear the sheep but he is also bringing with him spinning wheels, bobbins and looms and showing us how to process the wool which will be an enjoyable and educational experience for all at the Childrens home. This  is a big bonus, as well as the shear (sorry!) delight of the sheep being free of their old fleece it is very important for their welfare, especially to avoid the dreaded flystrike!

In preparation the sheep are being brushed at every opportunity, including Dustin who is well and truly part of the family now and received his first full brush on Friday :-DAs well as ridding the surfaces of the fleece from debris collected on their travels we hope that the regular handling and brushing of their fleece will  help to make the shearing a more relaxed experience for them and are pretty sure that Bambi will be laughing in ‘sheep heaven’ at the sight of his beloved McKenzie looking skinny and naked! The afternoon will be recorded and photographed for educational activities and for inclusion on the website and newsletter so all will be able to see the result......can't wait!!!:-)

As the photo shows, McKenzie will probably provide enough fleece for a rug and we will finally get to see just how much of her is actually sheep!

We have now completed our first year as the proud ‘parents’ of our animals, there hasn't been much time for regular updating of the website (www.pendefordpetpaddock) although I have managed to add a small amount to it...if you have any suggestions, questions, features  or photos you would like included, please feel free to forward them to me by email.

The past year has been rewarding, hard work, at times heartbreaking and a big responsibility, without the help of people like yourselves we would not be where we are today, so a VERY Big Heartfelt Thank You to you all. As well as gaining our EU regulation standard, the hard work of the children and staff at the home has been acknowledged with an inclusion in the ’staff success stories’ section of our  intranet weekly news, this is a welcome boost to all and great encouragement for  future plans to expand into more educational provision and perhaps  more standards we can work towards, all of which will benefit both the animals and humans at the home.

Next issue, with time permitting , will be just prior to shearing and we hope to include a feature on our ladies (the hens) as seeing them now it is easy to forget the poor condition they were in a year ago and just how much progress they have made.

We send our Best Wishes to you

 from us all :-D




well…lots of news for you this time and a new arrival!

Well…what a couple of weeks! All the animals are on good form and we have finally completed our first car boot sale and received our first cheque from just in time for the annual vaccination programme, many thanks to all concerned. Phillip ‘The Singing Shearer’ and family visited on 26th May, considering this young man is a mere teenager his handling of the sheep and shearing was excellent, Dustin was supposed to be first on the list but McKenzie was her usual self and pushed in to go first but not for long! Dustin has bonded extremely well with her and so decided he’d join her…not from an open gate mind you….he jumped straight over the hurdles!!!! This resulted in a moments chaos while McKenzie was hastily removed to wait her turn, however they both redeemed themselves by behaving perfectly during shearing…Phillip really had a way with them and has been booked for next year….providing life is kind to us during the next year. McKenzie’s fleece was enormous and we were shown how to the spin the wool on a drop spindle…however there is so much of it we are looking into selling most…Thank You to Lin for bringing along the instructions for extracting the lanolin to make hand creams…another project for us to look into.

Babe has finally moved in!!!

Friday 28th May heralded the long awaited arrival of Babe the saddleback pig who had been previously been kept in less than ideal conditions indoors….he was soon rooting around his paddock and on the first day alone must have emptied 12-14 buckets of water! No..he wasn’t would appear he thought he’d get stuck into making a mud bath, right by the gate and place for feeding! On Sunday he seemed to be trying to pick up the buckets and throw them over himself so rather gingerly (he’s a very large fellow!) I entered the pen armed with a watering can and brush and so followed a good scrub and rub and he was so pleased he lay down and rolled to have his belly rubbed! Already he is trotting over at the sight of a human  with his tail wagging and a very happy look on his face, he really is a big softie and having already managed to lose his eartag and I’m sure he’ll develop into as mischievous a character as the rest of the crew but on a much larger scale!

There is very little waste at the Children’s home, any leftover food is shared between our animals and the ones at the farm next door, old curtains/duvets are made into dog beds for the local dog’s home and we can usually make use of most things that get broken or too worn for their original purpose. Last years trampoline for example, is to become next year’s greenhouse frame…with a little imagination and some elbow grease.

I had promised a newsletter for the chickens but recent events have taken over so that will be one for the future…all girls continue to thrive…..and escape! The goats are their usual mischievous selves and continue to enjoy a little freedom in the grounds.

That’s all for now,

Best Wishes to you from all at The Paddocks







Both looking a little ‘sheepish’ after being sheared!