Title: My Day 29/3/11
Blog Entry: Tuesday: Arrived 9.30 for college. I was brought by taxi. Dee was my driver. Had some breakfast with Richard  then set up the PS2 and had a game of football. Went to the sensory room and I helped set up the music and projector with nature  sounds and pic res. Richard read Willow story and we went on a 'mind journey' t  a majical garden. After break we went to the dance studio and learned a routine. It made me dizzy! Lin was  and Richard was  while I was . After dancing we went to play tennis and shoot some hoops. We had an indoor picnic for lunch then tidied up and waited for the computer to be free. then we sat down and wrote this blog and Lin has just knocked the door and asked me to guess what is in the box. I guessed pig poo but it was a pepper pig.