Title: How does Paul the octopus do it then?
Tags: ADHD therapy, pets, animals, HET
Blog Entry: So how does Paul the Octopus do it?   Is   he really psychic?   Or just gifted and talented?   Maybe he falls into the gifted category of ADHD?   Well anyway, animals have long been used for their gifts that us mere humans really can’t begin to understand.   An aquarium strategically placed in waiting rooms around the world are regular features now due to their stress relieving properties. Animals certainly have empathy, a way of communicating with humans who are receptive.  And children usually are! There are countless times throughout   our HET pet programme that I have seen the most amazing healing processes taking place between animals and children with challenges in their life. I have recently posted stories about how animals in the classroom can   improve children’s behaviour This one is taken from the BBC – here it is again if you missed it;   My beautiful Ruby the Boxer dog helped countless children   with HET (Holistic Educational Therapy) and would regularly work beside me sharing stories of her own second rescue past that children could identify with, when they were  not able to bring themselves to talk about or even own, similar issues in their own lives. Daisy the pig with attitude was taught to take over from where Ruby left her work and makes numerous internet films and materials   today, to help support understanding into   behavioural issues for children, parents and professionals alike. Is she competition   for Paul? Did he predict or ‘manifest’ the World cup results? Does he rival Daisy’s power of manifestation? Watch the packet of biscuits in the clip below and let me know what you think?   Is this really ‘Law of attraction’ in motion???   Paul the Octopus.... Watch this space!!    For more on Ruby and Daisy and her films visit Ruby’s page on this site