Subject: Family update
Content: Post 34 Angel Jauregui (Inland Empire, CA) wrote at 06:40 on 27 September 2009 Also let me add that before the exercise my daughter wouldn't read a book all the way through to save her life. She's read a complete book every day since exercising started and she read them quickly and gave me a summary of what she read. That cannot be the result of a little extra attention. Report Post 35 Angel Jauregui (Inland Empire, CA) wrote 29 minutes ago Day 7: My daughter and I woke up around 5:30am and we decided to do some weight ligting and jogging in place. We did this for 20 minutes straight and although the exercise doesn't seem to help her much in the morning before her meds kick in it does seem to help her tremednously after they kick in. Perhaps she just needs more time before we start seeing results before the meds. On the way to school she read 27 pages of a chapter book she got from the library this weekend. I'm still astonished by the fact that she's reading at all. The book she read is 10 chapters in length and she read 5 chapters in just 30 minutes. She'll likely complete the book tomorrow on our way to school. Once again she was able to give me a good summary of what she read. Report Post 36 Angel Jauregui (Inland Empire, CA) wrote 22 minutes ago High Praise: I've been telling anyone who will listen to me about my daughter's progress due to our exercise regimen. All my family members know about her incredible week at school. We posted her excellent behavior paper on the refridgerator for all to see. Grandma gave her a special greeting card which congratulated her for her accomplishment and $15 to spend at the fair. Her God Parents gave her hugs and kisses and told her to keep up the good work. Mom and Dad have been reminding her all weekend how proud we are. As a reward from us we sign her up for a social club that she wanted to join. Money is very tight in our household but we needed to pay for social club to show her how much she deserved it. Besides, being social is something she really needs to work on so that was reason #2 for allowing her to join. I can see that she's really proud of herself for doing so well. Let's see how long she can sustain it. Report