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I have worked with young people with ADHD Add and similar behavioural problems for many years. Becau ... Read More

Posted On 30/11/2009 18:12:21 by administrator
Fruit flies and ADHD behaviour

Interesting news in the media this week  about Fruit flies and ADHD / ADD

So what are the fruit flies telling us about behaviour problems today?

... Read More

Posted On 29/11/2009 14:19:41 by administrator
Interesting observations from behavioural diaries

 So much of the recent work I have been doing with HET points to a very interesting situation. As we all know behavioural conditions like ADHD, ADD, ODD, Autism, Asperger’s vary in symptoms from individual to  individual. Where we are looking at adults presenting these conditions, the key will depend on their frame of reference. Very often they are hooked into the symptoms  and will surround themselves with others who have similar ... Read More

Posted On 16/10/2009 14:23:41 by administrator

I have done 3 months researching into how ADHD /ADD in adults is presented in discussion forums. I have followed 5 different forum groups  with some interesting results.

Generally, discussion topics tend to be symptom based  and problem focused.  Also comments tend to be around medication. In every case I have posted ... Read More

Posted On 10/10/2009 16:15:48 by administrator
ADHD / ADD therapy

Having been told by a Mom recently that 2 of her children were ADHD/ Add and so were her uncle and her brother. She thought the condition was genetic and nothing could be done about it.

This is exactly the same perception I read on an ADHD discussion forum a couple of days ago. Everyone is waiting for the new wonder drug to come out ... Read More

Posted On 27/09/2009 04:58:44 by administrator

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