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latest research

I just need to share some of the latest research with you to check over:


Firstly - I think the latest horrifying statistics from Wales  give us an insight into the pandemic of prescribing medication for children with challenging behaviours. Please note that some autorities refuse to disclose how bad the problem is there!!! autistic-children-prescribed-m edicines-for-mental-illnesses- 914 ... Read More

Posted On 29/06/2010 15:39:36 by administrator
Powerful Mis - Information AGAIN

Just need to let off steam! The pharmaceutical industry are at it again!!!

Another pharmaceutical backed ADHD website has  been  launched under the guise of " SUPPORTING" parents!!! They have provided funding to  make ADHD awareness films etc and launch a marketing campaign to  promote their own drugs. These are controversial drugs!!!!

And they have the cheek to suggest that "There is little research to show that complementary therapies work"!!!!

Well ... Read More

Posted On 12/06/2010 03:06:35 by administrator
Reward charts as part of a natural ADHD alternative approach

I have been recently putting in some support for a family who are pursuing the Alternative to ADHD approach through HET. They haven’t got passed  putting in place the reward chart incentive structure and if you have done this stepping stone, you may recall me saying that it is usually the parents that break the contract?

When ... Read More

Posted On 10/08/2009 07:46:38 by administrator