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Tag: Behavioural

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Raoul Moat, When will we ever learn?

The Raoul Moat incident - What a tragic story for all involved from start to finish! How could it all have been avoided? This is the question that the nation wakes up to  this morning.

Details are unfolding about the life experiences that created this man’s desperate rampage since his release from prison. Sketchy detail ... Read More

Posted On 10/07/2010 05:58:18 by administrator
Informing ourselves

Conspiracy? 20 million children with ADHD? Check this one - a  mini series of youtube videos but well worth informing yourself - all stats are easily checked:

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Posted On 01/06/2010 06:52:18 by administrator
ADHD statistics

I have been often asked to cite statistics in support of the natural approach to ADHD.

This is the most powerful argument I can find: =1

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Posted On 31/05/2010 16:17:42 by administrator
ADHD rap

I came by this today and just had to share it - so:



C O O L !!!!!

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Posted On 31/05/2010 15:56:53 by administrator
Who is on trial?

Now here is an interesting story

Carolyn Riley jailed for daughter's ADHD death

A mother jailed for overdosing her 4 year old on ADHD medication. The child had been on this medication since she was 2.

Where is the consultant in all of this who made the diagnosis and wrote the prescription??

What do you think?

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Posted On 10/02/2010 17:33:14 by administrator

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