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Tag: Riots

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Your opinion is important

I am carrying out a little activity to help me with my work as an Holistic Educational Therapist. Would you be so kind as to send me your comments on this Please?

Your comments are confidential. I will keep everyone who participates posted of the outcomes

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Posted On 16/08/2011 07:49:29 by administrator
Cameron's change of heart

I work with some amazing families who struggle with challenging behaviour from their children through no fault of their own. Many of these families are wonderful people who are excellent role models to their childrenn who genuinely need help not vilification.




What a turn around in policy - David Cameron's speech  over the Riots  aims to demonise  families whilst MPs' credit card bills picked up by tax payer ... Read More

Posted On 15/08/2011 10:48:26 by administrator
Graffiti or writing on the wall

 Was the writing on the wall or was it just graffiti?

Getting ready for ‘Back to School’ signs in shops have made a poignant backdrop to the  broken windows and looters this summer.

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Posted On 15/08/2011 07:48:33 by administrator
Riot Pie, Humble Pie or Just food for thought

Riot Pie, Humble Pie or just  food for thought?


Since the Riots of summer 2011 in England  began, we have heard nothing but analysis.

Why ? Who? When? Where? What for?

Everyone holds an opinion on the reasons underpinning the drama playing out in our streets.  A week later, we are dizzy from the spin of political dogma and social agendas that  are self justifying  in t ... Read More

Posted On 14/08/2011 11:48:26 by administrator