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Posted On 21/01/2010 16:26:07 by administrator


I’m having a bit of a rant tonight!!!

As you know I have established a ‘HET PET’ programme whereby children and animals with experiences in common heal together through friendship and helping each other with natural remedies.

When I lost my beloved Ruby in October, I was ripped of by the insurance company Pet Plan who despite paying them £40 per month over many years – refused to contribute towards the extortionate vet’s bill from St George’s vets in Wolverhampton for £240 to call at my house and put her to sleep. The PDSA refused to help despite the fact I was on low income – because I was on a small private pension I was not eligible for any benefits, so they refused to help as I did not have a benefit book.

Today, I was concerned about Daisy ( our film celebrity and rescue pig form Willow Bridge – a little piggy who didn’t go to market), who was off colour and I was concerned enough to phone them up and ask for help as I now receive some help for the council tax – and I should have been eligible for help. They refused to help because they won’t help pigs! Quote ‘Nurse Yvonne’ at Wolverhampton

I have raised and given a lot of money over the years to PDSA and did you know that they have a retail sector and pay their staff and area manager?

Maybe you would like to question them next time you donate, articles to their charity shop? Or time or money, because you care about animals being helped rather than running a retail sector business!

I for one certainly shan’t again!!!

By the way, within an hour of receiving healing Daisy was up and eating and playing again – she is fine!!!

No thanks to the vet at St George’s vets, who when I asked them for help after years of being a customer with pets turned round and said – we won’t give free care – phone the RSPCA and get her re-homed!!!

Does anyone have a heart out there anymore?

I know there are some lovely like – minded souls on this site… what do you think?





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