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Political correctness gone crazy?
Posted On 21/01/2010 17:06:44 by administrator

Here’s something interesting…


Would love to hear your feedback on this one!

I have made contact with a wonderful lady who had set up an animal sanctuary in a children’s home and not only helped animals with problems but also inspired young people with huge problems and who are unable to learn. With such an amazing project and an initiative to grow food and vegetables happening alongside – I saw a mini Willow Bridge and opportunity for Eco Therapy.

I had arranged with this lady, for Daisy the pig with ADHD, to spend a short vacation at the children’s home to help things along a bit with her stories and video films – internet celebrity that she is!

So we worked alongside of this with me offering to train staff in HET for free and to freely provide therapy for some of the most challenging children there, so desperately in need of help and  to deliver our alternative curriculum and eco therapy.

However, the Head of Children’s Services stepped in and they had a 2 week debate on whether or not this would be acceptable should they have a Muslim child in the home who might be offended at having a pig in the vicinity.

So, the debate went on despite the children who are already there not having access to any therapy or educational support, because resources are scarce. Anyway, the agreement was finally arrived at that yes it would be OK! Daisy could spend some time in their animal sanctuary, as any hypothetical Muslim child who might possibly be offended  also needed to learn about our culture too!

Green light…..

Until the local Rabbi got to hear about it!

And I am not joking!

Perhaps Daisy won’t be able to visit and help and perhaps I won’t be able to deliver HET training there to staff and help children too????

Is it only me who thinks the world has gone crazy?

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