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Reward charts as part of a natural ADHD alternative approach
Posted On 10/08/2009 07:46:38 by administrator

I have been recently putting in some support for a family who are pursuing the alternative to ADHD approach through HET. They haven’t got passed  putting in place the reward chart incentive structure and if you have done this stepping stone, you may recall me saying that it is usually the parents that break the contract?

When this happens, it brings to light one of the underlying problems in the child’s behaviour. The whole thing hinges around consistent boundaries and the expectations around this.

STRUCTURE – it is structure that puts into place consistent boundaries. You cannot have expectations of your child’s behaviour if your child doesn’t know what to expect as a result of those behaviours. If you are feeling that the programme isn’t working for you and your child. The first port of call is the incentive scheme / reward chart.

Who is breaking it?

Have you taken something away from your child, for example a privilege  or a toy?

Broken a promise?

Or failed to reward something by not celebrating the success? However small, a success is a success!

Your child cannot go wrong with their part of this system. It  should be agreed quite clearly what the rewards are (they are written down as part of the contract between you )– they can only achieve them or chose not to achieve them, and it is your direction which drives them to the desire, which is reinforced by  their success and to actively motivate them to work towards it.

The forum on the website allows you to post any comments or questions you may have about how to get this part of the HET process working with your child. You can even post the successes on your own page. This is helpful as I had one despondent Mom say to me that her child ripped up the reward chart so it wasn’t working – Try keeping a record of it on the site – no –one can argue with that!!!

Perhaps you may need to look at how realistic your goals were in the first place. Start off with the simple easily achievable steps first. You can then expand on them at a later date once you’ve got the flow going. You renegotiate then and write another contract any time you want. This system is so flexible and designed to fit in with your child's needs and where you want to go with their behavioural responses.

Celebrating your child’s participation in the HET different techniques you are shown can be included in the reward chart system with awarding extra tokens for success. This is such a powerful stepping stone on the journey to natural alternatives for ADHD.



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