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Crows, snails and Education today
Posted On 26/02/2014 06:22:42 by administrator


Spare a thought  for   snails and the  Corvids!

Snails  are not  renowned for  their speed, precision and  forward thinking. However, they are experts  on the protective  front as  any  self  respecting  corvid will tell you.

Corvids are  an  extraordinary family of  birds including the  crows. They quickly learn how to use  and  adapt  tools. They are forward thinkers!

One  day a  crow was out  for  a spot  of lunch and moved in on your  typically slow  slug who immediately went into the defence position of  retracting into  its  shell. Not renowned for it s  patience the  crow sat on the   fence and started to think  things  through.  At  precisely that moment in time, a car went  past and  drove over the  snail  smashing its  shell and  serving up a  freshly prepared main course of escargot  for crow.

Next  lunch time,  the  crow came upon another  defensive  snail, picked it up in its beak, dropped it in the  road and  waited for the next car, which didn’t take long to  prepare  lunch.  Did I mention that it  doesn’t  take  long for  crows to catch on to  new ideas?  Today  many crows have adapted to quickly preparing  their  favourite  lunch.

A  parable of  education today.

The  rationale for  change is  far more  expertly expressed through some of  my  personal  heroes  such as Sir Kenneth  Robinson and  Set Godin, please  see below:


A personal  journey of 35 years  has  revealed many insights and understanding   into the  failure   of    education  to  dust   corridors and blow  away  cobwebs in order to  allow  children to  breathe  fresh air! These children hold the key to our  future, they  represent the  greatest  investment  we can ever make.

The  destination of my  journey  has  provided  a solution, proven to  work through the  many commendations, awards,  accolades and testimonials  gathered  along the  way. Yet having  delivered the  Trojan  horse called HET  through the  gates of institutionalism I see a  few  brave pioneers breaking  down that  final  frontier,  the brick  walls of institutionalised resistance that still seek to  imprison children’s minds, hearts and souls .

Now is the time:

 To  join ranks, unite in understanding the  true  reasons why  children do not  reach their  full potential in an outdated, out moded, ‘one size fits all’ system of  education,  built on fear and  control, designed to fail and fragment young people.

 To explore the  simplicity of recent knowledge into  how we learn that will take the best  part of  half a century from  now to filter through into  academic  text books that  currently regurgitate old political models, no longer holding meaning or relevance.

To heal  experiences from the innocence of  childhood, naturally and  holistically, without resorting to  dispensing brain  damaging ‘meducation’

To provide a child centred, accredited  experience embracing a   joy of learning , not  systemised resistance and inherited  reluctance  to learning.

Join me…..