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latest research
Posted On 29/06/2010 15:39:36 by administrator

I just need to share some of the latest research with you to check over:


Firstly - I think the latest horrifying statistics from Wales  give us an insight into the pandemic of prescribing medication for children with challenging behaviours. Please note that some autorities refuse to disclose how bad the problem is there!!! ntal-illnesses-91466-26738523/

Secondly, the research form Australia that states thet when a sample of children diagnosed with ADHD were reassessed by a multi discplinary team - i in 3 of them did not actually have ADHD!!

That there is now huge concern over the fact that all children who are being prescribed these meds need to screened for heart problems because of the horrendous side effects in children:




Eye openers!!!


Thanks for letting me  offload this stuff!!!



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