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Raoul Moat, When will we ever learn?
Posted On 10/07/2010 05:58:18 by administrator

The Raoul Moat incident - What a tragic story for all involved from start to finish! How could it all have been avoided? This is the question that the nation wakes up to  this morning.

Details are unfolding about the life experiences that created this man’s desperate rampage since his release from prison. Sketchy details are hitting the media about some of his last discussions revolving around not having a father. His childhood of being raised by his grandmother. His mother,  on record as saying he would be better off dead. His abuse as a child. His criminal record chequered with violence and anger.

And… now?

He leaves behind 3 children.

Their lives overshadowed by the legacy of this man’s hate and violence. The pattern repeats as they too, grow up without their father.

The public outcry at the pain his uncontrollable actions have caused in so  many lives and the grip of fear he held over a small community for over a week, has to be more than heard. It has to be listened to.

Where does it all stop?

Through the blame and pain, we are all  held to account! We have to look at a society that allowed this man’s  childhood experiences to shape the man that became Britain’s most wanted.

Yes, there are lessons to learn for the police, government, prison reforms etc.,  but the biggest lesson to learn is from how much of this experience is going to overshadow his children’s development? We read reports of   consequences of the domestic violence between him and his ex partner……

What support was there  for that young family?

How many more of these patterns are going to be repeated across the generations?

How many threads  are there of this same story  running through families around the world today?

In the powerful words of an old song :


 “When will they ever learn –

oh when will we ever learn?”

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