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Posted On 10/10/2009 16:15:48 by administrator

I have done 3 months researching into how ADHD /ADD in adults is presented in discussion forums. I have followed 5 different forum groups  with some interesting results.

Generally, discussion topics tend to be symptom based  and problem focused.  Also comments tend to be around medication. In every case I have posted comments which are positive and solution focused and relate to lifestyle changes. These have consistently met with resistance in most cases. The only change that the majority of ADHD adults are prepared to make is in terms of medication. Many of the positive comments have been met with suspicion, derision and in one case abusiveness.

This is in stark contrast to adults who have children who are presenting with ADHD / ADD symptoms and are very keen to avoid the medication route. However parents of ADHD children who are themselves presenting with symptoms of the adult type of this condition are also resistant to lifestyle change and natural approaches.

The results across the forums which are rounded to nearest figures are 10% are willing to commit to change and are happy to make these natural choices. 30 % are totally resistant to any solution focused suggestion and 60 % have not responded in any way to solution focused suggestions.

One of the symptoms is that adults with ADHD /ADD will have had similar patterns in childhood and this creates difficuties in forming social groups at school. So often finding common ground and acceptance from a group of people who understand creates a dynamic to remain focused on symptoms.

At HET website we are establishing a community who are positively focused on natural changes and willing to share the outcomes of their experiences and best practice .

Is this level of resistance possibly indicating yet another symptom to add to the ever growing checklist  for adult ADHD/ ADD?


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