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ADHD Guidelines
Posted On 28/10/2009 17:47:26 by administrator

Today’s interesting read was through the latest guidelines for ADHD produced by the national Institute for Clinical Excellence – (NICE) – 2008

Downloadable from here:


According to guidelines for ADHD:

Recommends care in diagnosis as symptoms overlap with other disorders.

Not every person with ADHD has all of the symptoms of hyperactivity,

impulsivity and inattention

All people with ADHD, including children, should have the opportunity to be involved in

decisions about their care and treatment in partnership with their healthcare


Healthcare professionals should offer parents or carers of pre-school

children with ADHD a referral to a parent-training/education programme as

the first-line treatment


Teachers who have received training about ADHD and its management

should provide behavioural interventions in the classroom to help children

and young people with ADHD.

The child or young person should give their own account of how

they feel,  and  involve the child or young person and the family or carer in

treatment decisions

Drug treatment is not indicated as the first-line treatment for all

school-age children and young people with ADHD.

Parents and/or carers should be warned about the potential for suicidal thinking and self-harming behaviour


So how much of this relates to your experience of how ADHD is handled??

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