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About us:

·         Holistic Educational Therapy empowers people to make better choices.

·         It is so safe and so simple that the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work. Consistently, in over 80%of cases, for the young people on this programme the goals set are fully achieved.

·         All the HET practitioner Therapists experience this programme for themselves and evaluate it as part of their training.

·         The young people on this programme and their families are supported and shown how to adopt these simple, safe and effective strategies for themselves. A toolbox for life!

·         Young people on the programme are closely monitored and supported and evidence collected to  show their   improvement on the programme.

·         All practitioners are  registered and qualified and maintain the highest professional standards.




Welcome to the HETwebsite  team:


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MEET THE PIONEER OF HET: Linda Porter B.A., Cert.Ed., MFSHG, MACTA, BFRP, Dip.Phy, FMHETAssoc. reg.

Cases of Autism and ADHD are soaring! Linda Porter, a teacher and psychologist with radical vision has pioneered a new Holistic Educational Therapy, with amazing results. Heralded as the way forward in children’s educational and behavioural problems; HET has been researched, evaluated and proven within the educational system and children’s services sector. HET is commended by OFSTED.

Linda has a background spanning 37 years as a biochemist, visionary teacher, psychologist, lecturer, author, educational advisor,  multi - disciplinary therapist and a national consultant in setting standards in complementary therapies and managing behaviour.

Holistic Educational Therapy is a concept and a programme, designed, written, implemented, researched and evaluated by Linda, who has also put together the training programme which now has validation and accreditation through numerous national bodies.

Her vision is simply, that every child is offered a safe and happy way to make better choices in life.

For CV see below


rubyzeby Ruby - Heads the HET PET programme - she worked with her Mom, Lin in a pupil referral unit helping boys and girls who were going through a difficult time. She has written her very own fun project for you to go through with your pets!

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Jan Stone – HET Therapist

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Steve Porter – IT Consultant and website management

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Allan Jones – PHEW consultant to HET and ex – Olympic coach – Allan is leading the Eco fitness and Green Exercise aspects of HET

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Julie Andrews – HET Pet animal consultant and Children’s story writer. Julie is the author of ‘Cow’s Can Talk’ a book based on supporting children through emotionally challenging issues – Julie and Jan are currently taking out  a road show – to promote these approaches and HET to schools around the UK

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The HET Foundation registered and insured as a professional Association – please refer to our register of qualified HET practitioners and Trainers on


Linda Porter’s CV


1972 - Samaritans Counselling

1974 Adv. Chem. Tech. Cert. Part 1

1978 -1981 Cert. Ed.

1978 - 1981 B.A. Degree (Psychology and Humanities)

1991 D32, D33, D34, D35, D36 + Accredited Trainer with RSA for D32, D33, D34 & D36 – Training & Development lead body qualifications in Quality Assurance.



1992 – Dip. Clinical Aromatherapy

1993 – Cert. Holistic Herbalism ( Including Hopi Ear Treatments)

1995- Cert. Spiritual Healing

1995 – Cert. Massage Therapy

1997/98- Cert. Bach Flower Remedies

2002 – Aura Soma – A child’s Palette

2002- Introductory Programme to Phytobiophysics

2005 – Advanced Diploma Phytobiophysics

2005 – PhD. Pending.


1972 - 74  Biochemistry Technician - W,Ton University

1974 - 78 Chief Technician - Tividale Comprehensive School

1981 - 86 Teacher - Frank F Harrison School

1986 - 91 Lecturer - Management & Business Studies Wulfrun College

1991 - 93 Advisory Support Teacher in Business / GNVQ Co-ordinator Walsall TVEI

1986 - 1994  RSA External Verifier

1993 -1994 RSA GNVQ Advisor

1993 - 2002 Establishing and running The Centre For Natural Healing – a busy multi- therapy clinic and training School (& NVQ Centre with LCCIEB)

1996 –1999 OCN  Moderator

1998 – Consultant to the Dr Bach Foundation ( OCN training programme accreditation)

2001 – 2002 -  Appointment to National Executive as Co-ordinator  for Training and Development for BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association)

2002 – Appointment as complementary healthcare consultant to W-ton LEA

2003 – Appointment to ASSOCIAT as training and development advisor

2003 – Establishing Holistic Educational Therapy – HET Consultant to Wolverhampton LEA

2004 – Consultant to Edexcel contributing to a national qualification in managing early years behaviour.

2004 – Establishing Universal Frequency Therapy as a mainstream psychotherapeutic tool after 5 years of research and development

2005 – Appointment to FSHG as training and development Officer

2005 – Invitation to become an  NSPCC Woman of Influence.

2006 - Freelance educational consultant to take HET to different regions and countries

2007 - Established the HET Foundation

2008 -Consultant to the Willow Bridge Project - Somerset: setting up  a family retreat for families in crisis and developing the PHEW + HET Eco therapy programme + animal sanctuary charity

2008 – Presenter of the ‘Willow Bridge’ Show – on Glastonbury Radio




The GNVQ Survival Guide – 1995 – ISBN 1 85008 115 8

Intermediate Business -  - 1996 – ISBN – 0-17-490011-2

Mind Body Spirit OCN Training Manuals

Introduction to Herbalism OCN Training Manuals.

Holistic Stress Management in the Workplace package

Consultant to the British Register for Alternative Practice 2002

ISBN: 1-903782-01-5


Author of numerous professional papers and articles in professional press including the Guardian, Times Educational Supplement. Sunday Express.

Appearances on a number of national and local radio  and TV programmes including Kilroy (BBC 1), Friday Night Live (ITV), Lowrie (BBC), The Health Channel, Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Midlands, BBC radio Shropshire