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A day in the life of ADHD

User Article   4294 Views   By administrator on Oct 24 2009, 2:49 pm

I’d like to introduce you to a typical ADHD Mom and child!

She has a child who is presenting symptoms of ADHD and Autism. A boy aged 11 who is hyperactive and autistic. He has had a diagnosis and scores very highly on a list of symptoms for over 6 months.

He is hyperactive, finds it difficult to sit still, pay attention or finish a task. His behaviours are often unpredictable , aggressive and violent. He spends a lot of time taking no notice of what he is asked to do and is bullying in getting his own way.

He will spend long periods of time in his own world and gets very stressed if things do not go the way he feels they should do. He doesn’t cope well with change and gets very fixated about certain things and routines in his life.



He has learning difficulties and finds it almost impossible to follow through with directions as t what he needs to do to succeed. He has low self esteem and often ruins his work after he has attempted something.

He is growing big and strong and often hurts people who attempt to hold him back when he kicks off and is likely to hurt himself or others around him. He has hurt his Mom.

Mom spends her life trying to balance the stresses. She is  highly valued employee at her place of work who is competent and an asset to the business but she is now not coping very well. This is because she is constantly being phoned by her son’s school, who is  unable to cope with his behavioural outbursts and excluding him from school on a regular basis. She cannot take him into work as he wrecks the environment. Her work colleagues are complaining about the number of behavioural phone calls she has to receive from the school.



Her long term relationship with her child’s father broke up because of the added pressure of the child’s behaviour. Her family and friends are not able to support her as they cannot cope with the violent and angry and unpredictable outbursts from her son.



She has other pressures in her life from her family, her mother is ill and her brothers and sisters are not  helping out. She isn’t sleeping for more than a couple of hours each night and every day is a struggle.

Finally , she  gets the call she dreads – her child has flipped out at school and this is the beginning of the end, they cannot cope and he has to be removed from the school.

However they are the professionals, there is a united front of professionalism to present to the world. Everyone is frightened of litigation here. What if they were shown not to be doing their job properly, they could lose their job, they wouldn’t get another one in the current job climate!

One teacher there really cared, she fought to do a programme to support children and families with behavioural challenges as part of her career development. One of the case studies she worked with made instant progress on the programme and stopped having night terrors, almost instantly.

But the time she had to spend with the children got less as more kids came on board with behavioural problems. There wasn’t the space to put them and when they were together they bounced off one  another and it got worse. She didn’t have any resources or staff to occupy them and the situation got more dangerous and challenging by the day.

The management team refused to fund her training any more or allow her the time to put support in for the pupils on a therapeutic level or allow her more staff to help the children individually with their problems. That is when she got so badly hurt by a child ‘kicking off’ in her job, that she had to leave. It wasn’t that she didn’t care anymore. It was that the behavioural unit she worked out couldn’t support her any more with the resources she needed to make a difference and turn things around.

A child is lost!

A system breaks down!

A teacher gives up!

A company loses a valued employee!

Where is the FUTURE in this?



Let’s try a few STEPPING STONES to take us to the other side of all  this!






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