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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:00:24

hi lin
     i have achild with adhd ,i also struggle with hes behaviour everyday is different no day is the same ,my child is on ritalin at moment he is not my only child i have four children and im single parent ,i have realised that routine is big fact for a child with adhd ,and changing diet is also big part to iam open to lsten ad try alot of thing with my son but at the moment everyday is struggle to get thru.i will look forward to hearing from you mikki

POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:01:42

Hi Mikki,


Sorry you are having such a hard time of it – how are you coping with the summer hols and are your other children ADHD as well?


How long has your son been on Ritalin and has it made any difference? Is he having any side effects?


You are absolutely right about routine being a big part of things with your son  the better the structure and you being consistent will be to help him with his boundaries – I’ve put up a couple of articles on reward charts on the site today, have a look and see if it is helpful and then we can discuss how to put something in place and also you are right about the diet – do you know which additives or foods set him off?


I will post a simple video  on the site for you in a couple of days which shows you how to do a simple muscle test with your son to find out what food  he is sensitive to – I  will email you when I’ve done that – it’s a good start.


Also what support do you have? It’s tough being a single Mom…I know that from experience? Try some of the Dr Bach’s rescue remedy for you – it helps with the stress  – it really does!


How old is your son? and are the school being helpful  to you? What part of the country are you from?


Hang on in there – it can and will get better!


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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:02:33

hi lin
     connor is 5yrs old and school have been a big help they have supported me the whole way thru ie helping to push people that wasnt listening to me ,im actally getting my oldest checked for it he show simpler thing to connor struggle in school cant sit still agressive behaviour him and connor bounce off each other ,connor has been on ritalin for 6months yes i have notice a big difference and yes side effect to lack of appeite so i let him eat little and often so he doesnt lose weight ,the video will be intresting to see has i dont know any of it ,it seem to be the sugar that set him off so i have cut right bk and use stuff for treats for him when he been good ,as for support ihave social services offering me respite now which iam taking them up on there offer for a break ,we live in oxford ,connor will be starting a new school in september it called northern house an outstanding school that are trained in connor behaviour as connor cant cope with normal school look forward to hearing from you again   mikki

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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:03:29

I will get the video posted in a couple of days just need some willing volunteers to help me film it – so will let you know.


How old is your oldest son ? Are you coping with him OK? Did their Dad have hyperactive problems or anyone else in the family?


Can I suggest that you keep a food diary – what Connor eats and when and also when he kicks off – note down what it is that triggers him?


You say sugar sets him off – please be mindful of artificial sweeteners because they are known to cause hyperactive problems something called ‘a source of phenylalanine’ is really bad it is also called nutrasweet, or canderelle or E952 or Aspartame – it is always called different things but the same substance and it causes BIG problems in some kids – check out Betty Martini or – it explains loads – often parents take their kids off sugar and they take artificial sweeteners instead  – this really does cause probs!!!



Would you like to connect with some other parents on the phone to talk about diet – can set something up – this is what I am trying to do with the website – so people do not feel alone and helpless – a sort of online parent support group – what do you think?



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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:05:24

Bril MikkI – thanks for that –– what you are saying is what I’ve found out from all my research into kids with behaviour problems – even the genetic side of things – which is what I call cellular support which I explain in the INTRO stepping stone – did you have a look at that? it is freely  downloadable from the site  - I worked with a young man aged 5 very similar to Connor, his problem was frustration because he couldn’t explain why he was feeling bad because of his autism and his obsessions – for example he couldn’t sit on a chair because it had a chalk mark on it – to him it was dirty but he couldn’t explain that – so he would hurl the chair at whoever was nearest. Did a huge turnaround with him on Bach remedies as it eased the frustration and he communicated better – held eye contact more as well which was quite telling!


Glad you sussed out about the sweeteners – well done you!!


How about your eldest son – the problem is at that age it’s the hormones kicking in too – the Bach flower remedies are really good for managing emotions – but need to know a bit more information….

Speak soon


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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:06:59

  omg he sound like connor for example he wont sit on anything that as little dirt on it he as to clean it ,fridge magnet they all had to be in straight line and he couldnt get em to that so he threw em ,you can put my name up im happy for that ,i havent yet but i will be doing that ,connor to this very day can not hold eye contact,,and as for mike hes is abit deeper than hormones he cant stop talkin and if he in the wrong i cant challenge him with wot he done wrong i have to wait until he calmed down then talk bout it if i challenge him he get very argressive he struggles to be able to sit in class room spk to you soon take care

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POSTED BY: administrator on 18/08/2009 16:08:29

Hi Mikki,


Just to let you know that I have posted a new video on the site which looks at food sensitivity testing which is simple and very effective. I know Connor is a bit young to arm test but you could sit him on someone’s lap and muscle test them and it works very well that way too.


The result s with the little boy I talked about were very quick after he started the Bach Flower remedies  - so we will have to put a blend up for him.


Let me  know what you think of the new video it is  called adhd find out if there is a problem with food.


Keep in touch




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