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POSTED BY: administrator on 26/09/2009 03:35:24

This is a tribute to one Dad who joined our site and his daughter. In just ONE short week, by following a family exercise programme together, they turned so much around.




DAY 1: Well I woke my daughter at 5:15am to go out jogging before getting ready for school. She was so excited when we stepped outside and it was still dark and the air was cool. She plays soccer so she figured she'd lead me in stretching before we started. We ran about 3/4 of a mile and then dear old dad was exhausted and so was my she. I didn't figure to see much of a change after the first day but for some reason she was actually a tab bit worse when getting ready for school in the morning. However, once we got in the car and she did her 20 minutes of reading on the way to school I noticed a huge difference. Her book was about 20 pages long and it usually takes her 15-20 minutes to read a book that size becuase she gets distracted. Her mom and I have to remind her to stay on task constantly while she's reading. She also has trouble explaining to me what she had just read. Well, this morning it took her less then 10 minutes to read her book and miraculously she explained the whole story to me in detail without skipping a beat. Normally she's stuttering or talking in circles because she's trying to remember what she just read but not today. Even with the distraction of being in the car she read straight through her book and recalled every detail. Are these real results or just coincidence? Stay tuned and let's find out together.


Day 2: Jogging with my 8 year old daughter this morning was much better. There was noticeably less arguing. Mom was able to get her hair combed and ready 15 minutes earlier then usual. She had her room cleaned, breakfast done, and a book read all with 15 minutes left to spare. She has never ever been ready for school that early. Just like yesterday she read her book in under 10 minutes even while little sister was causing a distraction. She explained the details of the book quickly and easily. I'm really impressed and it gives me inspiration to continue our morning jogs. I even heard that she had a great day at school yesterday. I'll be talking with her teacher to fill her in on our jogs so she can keep a close eye on her studies and behavior at school. I'm hoping her prescription doctor has a positive impression too

Day 3: This morning was very difficult getting started. The jogging has left me very sore and my daughter and I are feeling the effects of getting up at 5:15am. Regardless, we dragged ourselves out of bed and hit the pavement. Unfortunately my daughter had to use the restroom real bad as we completed lap two so we had to head home having only jogged half a mile. It may have been a blessing though. We went back to bed for 25 minutes and got some much needed sleep. She had somewhat of a typical morning. The running seems to be helping her concentration but the tiredness may be counteracting that a bit. It's tough because we both go to school and work in a city that is an hour away from home so we have to get up extra early to test this theory. I'm hoping our bodies will adjust soon and all will be good. Once again she read her book in less than 10 minutes and gave me a detailed summary of what she had just read. If the jogging only improves her reading and comprehension skills and nothing more then I'm satisfied to keep on jogging

More of Day 3: I was lucky enough to find my daughter's teacher still at work when I picked her up from daycare yesterday. I was interested to find out how she was doing and boy was I surprised. I mentioned that I was taking my daughter jogging to see if it helped her to concentrate better and the response was an astounding "yes it is". Her teacher says she has been less fidgeting this week and she's able to sit still for longer periods of time. She's been sitting in the reading forest area in her class and actually reading books instead of playing on the computer or doing other activities that she usually liked to do. I'm a little overwhelmed at how a simple exercise routine can change her behavior so drastically not to mention instantaneously. We're going to keep it up for sure. Now on to day 4.


Day 4: I was still pretty sore last night so I asked my daughter if she'd like to hit the punching bag instead of running on Friday. Silly question, she was so excited at the thought of pounding that bag. It's been sitting in the corner of the garage for years collecting dust and she eye's it almost daily. We woke up at 5:30am and she was even more excited that I was wrapping her hands with cloth to protect her hands and slipping on sparring gloves. She was a little timid at first but then she started whaling and thrashing at the bag like it was the class bully at school. I was concerned that the workout wouldn't be as affective as the jogging but I could soon hear her breathing heard and her arms getting heavy. We pretended it was a real boxing match. I pushed the bag towards her and told her to duck from the punch. She hit that bag for 20 minutes straight. I counted down the last 20 seconds of the final round and she started throwing punch after punch using up all her remaining energy. I grabbed her arm and shouted that judge 1 voted for the punching bag, judge 2 voted for Bella and judge 3 voted for Bella. The new super lightweight champion of the world was my daughter! She's doing so well. She surprised me yesterday by saying that the exercises are really helping her be a better girl. My eyes started to tear. I feel like I finally found a way to help her with her problem and I hope it continues.


I'll go ahead and post days 5 and 6 since I already know what we're going to do. We won't be jogging or hitting the punching bag because this is what we have planned.

Day 5: 9:00am soccer game which will be considered her daily exercise.

Day 6: A full day at the L.A. County Fair. She'll be walking all day long which is a full day of non-stop exercise. We'll do our best to keep her away from the fried and sugary foods but after the wonderful week she's had she may deserve a little bite of guilt food.


Ok, todays news is the cherry on top of what was a very interesting and exciting week. I leave work to pick up my daughter from daycare and the first thing she does when she see's me is run to her backpack, grab a piece of paper and wave it in my face. I look at the paper and I see that her teacher said her behavior for the week was excellent. I was so proud of her. Just to put this into perspective, my daughter has never received an excellent behavior rating in any grade. She's come very close and even had a few monthly streaks where she had good ratings but never excellent. Mom is starting to wonder if the morning exercise has something to do with it. I'm going to celebrate this accomplishment today and perhaps through the weekend but Monday its back to work. I need to know that this is a long term result and not just a phase



POSTED BY: administrator on 26/09/2009 03:46:46

I can understand your joy at what has been achieved and also the 'too good to be true' feelings you state in your last post.

Exercise produces those 'feel good' endorphins remember - so they have the important role of balancing the brain chemistry which is a complex mixture of neuro transmitters, hormones, and circuits. So you are restoring a brain chemistry imbalance naturally.

What may dwindle is the motivation espeically on the dark damp mornings that we get this time of year in the UK. lol!!

This is where Dr Bach's remedy of hornbeam comes in as it is the Mr Motivator remedy to keep us enthused.

By following the PHEW programme there is a built in incentive / rewards system whcih can be whatever you want it to be (Step stone 2) This keeps the motivational levels high and the activities varied as we talked about to maintain your daughter's enthusiasm.

How about getting other families you know with kids with similar challenges on board and getting a PHEW Olymic team together?. They can all connect on the internet with Allan PHEW coaching them - that could be fun.

We can do this over Skype and hold webinars and have results ike yours posted on the site???

The other important point is what yu raised in the last post - the treendous feeling of success and achievement which is sadly so often missing from school - I am so happy for  your family

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