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POSTED BY: administrator on 28/05/2009 04:43:09

What is the best way to approach your childs teacher to tell them you are worried about your childs behaviour?

POSTED BY: administrator on 18/10/2009 06:36:05

Very few teachers really understand the diversity of symptoms and how they vary  from individual to  individual unless they hav received specialist training as part of their career development.

Parents like Johanne play such a vital role in informing teachers of this, not only for their own child's well being but to help other children too.

This can sometimes be difficult because the teacher is perceived as the professional and parents can sometimes feel difficult - telling them their job as it were.

The consultation questionnaire with your child's teacher is a great place to start with this as there is also a section on diet in there which when you talk about, you can draw attention to with the teacher. This will give them greater understanding into how food sensitiviry / intolerance / allergy can impact on behaviour...

And the point of doing this is to share strategies and goal setting between the great home school divide!!!

Might get them to look at a few of those addtives in the school vending machines as well!!!!

Another suggestion is to get them to sign up to the site - this is YOUR place to put YOUR message across.

I have had some very helpful feedback from Majella on how she is using some of the FREE downloads which might help other teachers share understanding about challenging behaviours with other children in the clasroom...

Keep us posted Johanne! Good luck

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