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When Ruby passed into the non - physical world, we were all very distressed and missed her so much!


Knowing Ruby she would still want to help people and make friends and would know that when someone loses their pet, it  can be devastating !



She has made a special page where anone who has lost thier Pet friend can post a picture of film, or poem, or letter and they  can always come and visit them here whenever they want to be together.


Please post any thing you want to have on this page to help you meet up with your friend whenever you want to - right here!



(for Melanie, 1981 - 11/5/97)

Your journey through this life is near the end,
My dear, beloved, faithful canine friend.
For 15 years, you've held my willing heart.
How soon, how cruel, has come the time to part!
Yet as I ache to watch your labored breath,
I pray for you the peacefulness of death.
And so I must release you from our bond
To make your way into the Life beyond.
And though our parting fills me with despair,
The day will come when I will join you there.
Of this I'm sure, as you go on before
Back to the Only One Who loves you more.