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Cameron's change of heart

I work with some amazing families who struggle with challenging behaviour from their children through no fault of their own. Many of these families are wonderful people who are excellent role models to their childrenn who genuinely need help not vilification.




What a turn around in policy - David Cameron's speech  over the riots  aims to demonise  families whilst MPs' credit card bills picked up by tax payer ... Read More

Posted On 15/08/2011 10:48:26 by administrator
Graffiti or writing on the wall

 Was the writing on the wall or was it just graffiti?

Getting ready for ‘Back to School’ signs in shops have made a poignant backdrop to the  broken windows and looters this summer.

... Read More

Posted On 15/08/2011 07:48:33 by administrator
Riot Pie, Humble Pie or Just food for thought

Riot Pie, Humble Pie or just  food for thought?


Since the riots of summer 2011 in England  began, we have heard nothing but analysis.

Why ? Who? When? Where? What for?

Everyone holds an opinion on the reasons underpinning the drama playing out in our streets.  A week later, we are dizzy from the spin of political dogma and social agendas that  are self justifying  in t ... Read More

Posted On 14/08/2011 11:48:26 by administrator
My Day 29/3/11


Arrived 9.30 for college. I was brought by taxi. Dee was my driver.

Had some breakfast with Richard then set up the PS2 and had a game of football.

Went to the sensory room and I helped set up the music and projector with nature sounds and picres.

Richard read Willow story and we went on a 'mind journey' t a majical garden.

After break we went to the dance studio and learned a routine. It made me dizzy! Lin was  and Richard was ... Read More

Posted On 23/04/2011 06:47:13 by shadow
genetic research into ADHD

We all woke up this morning to the media and newspapers informing us in no uncertain terms, that ADHD is a genetic disorder!

Well, well,  well!!

First of all tell us something that we don’t know – yes it has been long established that there ... Read More

Posted On 30/09/2010 16:15:10 by administrator

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