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Making the connections

In working with HET and natural approaches to support families, it is often the case that Adhd and autism are diagnosed together. This of course make the bahavioural scales which define the diagnosis even more complicated.

However the most often asked question is - Do vaccines cause autism?

i came by this information today - what do you think?

(NaturalNews) Influenza vaccines have sent 57 children into life-threatening convulsions, reports The Age out of Australia. These ... Read More

Posted On 12/05/2010 04:21:47 by administrator
Hidden agendas????

I  recently posted  a link to  forcasts for investments in medication for behavioural issues which indicated sound investments in this field for those who can stomach making money in this way.

Check out this link and find out why? c-statistical-manual-proposals

In my opinion, having worked with children as an educationalist, therapist and HET consultant for over 30 years - this will appl ... Read More

Posted On 11/05/2010 04:30:04 by administrator
investing in our children's future

I recently came across this link that involves planning forecasts into medication for Adhd so that people can make money out of Adhd being prescribed in the future as a good bet! ficit-hyperactivity-r1854632.htm

This was on the same day as I heard from a colleague ( Ed Psych) who helped me evaluate HET 10 years ago expressing concern about over prescribing these medications:

What ... Read More

Posted On 01/05/2010 17:24:48 by administrator
ADHD Diagnosis

For all those families whose children have received a diagnosis of Adhd - you may well have been advised to look at introducing medication.


Have you ever wondered how that diagnosis came about? It is not like diabetes for example which is established through simple blood tests - it is down to a checklist of criteria.

Those criteria are defined by people who sit in rooms and talk about it. And guess what they can't agree on it  - does that inspire you with conf ... Read More

Posted On 13/02/2010 14:51:04 by administrator
Who is on trial?

Now here is an interesting story

Carolyn Riley jailed for daughter's Adhd death

A mother jailed for overdosing her 4 year old on Adhd medication. The child had been on this medication since she was 2.

Where is the consultant in all of this who made the diagnosis and wrote the prescription??

What do you think?

... Read More

Posted On 10/02/2010 17:33:14 by administrator

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