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ADHD exclusion

Well the media was certainly  ablaze yesterday with yet another story to focus our attention on the crisis generation!


Little McEnzie Dunkley has been expelled at age 4, after just a few weeks at his new school. The reason apparently dow ... Read More

Posted On 25/11/2009 13:29:18 by administrator
Trick or treat

Have you tried a Behaviour chart with ADHD children?


You know, my heart still aches for Ruby but swells with pride at the tributes and messages coming in from people around the world  whose lives she has touched!  Thank you all!


... Read More

Posted On 26/10/2009 04:17:53 by administrator
Interesting observations from behavioural diaries

 So much of the recent work I have been doing with HET points to a very interesting situation. As we all know behavioural conditions like ADHD, ADD, ODD, Autism, Asperger’s vary in symptoms from individual to  individual. Where we are looking at adults presenting these conditions, the key will depend on their frame of reference. Very often they are hooked into the symptoms  and will surround themselves with others who have similar ... Read More

Posted On 16/10/2009 14:23:41 by administrator
When children hurt themselves

On the Sky News website it has been reported that privacy laws have been changed. Anyone going to the doctor with knife wounds now has to be reported. This also relates to children who show regular bruising and other injuries. When some of these children are asked how it happened they very often do not remember and tell stories which compromise their parents and often social services are brought in and the whole situation can get seriously out of h ... Read More

Posted On 28/09/2009 17:49:57 by administrator
PHEW ADHD Behaviour and obesity in children

When considering ADHD Behaviour and obesity in children, the HET PHEW programme comes in to its own. Physical Holistic Exercise Workout plays a pivotal role in HET as a tool for well being. Since ex Olympic Coach, Allan Jones joined the HET team as a consultant for family health and well being though healthy balanced exercise, his main focus is encour ... Read More

Posted On 19/09/2009 16:01:02 by administrator

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