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Finding a way through

On the day after advertising for the Dore programme famed for working with dyslexia, (which is often symptomatically linked with experiencing ADHD symptoms,) was banned, we may have found a new way forward.

Something that does not need FDA endorsement!

Or will NOT offend the sensibilities of the advertising standards agency ... Read More

Posted On 21/12/2009 08:04:35 by administrator
What's the alternative?

Well, i came by a very ineresting link today! advert-ban-for-dore-programme- 91466-25431047/

Now I have worked in schools that have had very good results with this programme and I am totally amazed at this reaction...

Something safe simple -  no side effects and they try to stop people finding out about it?

And it helps people??

What do you think about it?

... Read More

Posted On 20/12/2009 11:29:11 by administrator
New ideas for reating ADHD ?

Well isn’t it just amazing?

Scientists ( see  medical research scientists!) have discovered that many children with ADHD and who are taking stimulant medication such as Ritalin and Adderall ( a combination of amphetamines) are still showing symptoms of aggression whilst they are on the medication.

So.. is this then deemed not to be working ... Read More

Posted On 14/12/2009 17:07:22 by administrator
ADHd forums

You know one of the many things I enjoy so much about this site is the regular contact with like minded, informed, discening and intelligent people who understand that there are answers beyond the medical model and are prepared to examine these for the sake of their children.

A quick survey of other ADHD forums shows me how fortuntate we are to have such lovely people as yoursleves contribute to this community.

I am currently engaging in a thread on Facebook ... Read More

Posted On 28/11/2009 06:20:10 by administrator
McEnzie divides the nation's opinion

This week saw 4 year old McEnzie Dunkley permanently excluded from his new school Sacred Heart Primary School in Preston, Lincs


The reason?


Teachers say he attacks them, flicks light switches and won’t do as he is told. His Mom says ... Read More

Posted On 26/11/2009 05:05:18 by administrator

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