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Adolescents and Ritalin

i came by a very interesting piece of research yesterday,it always pays to keep an eye open on the medical websites.

Apparently  scientists have been giveng amphetamines to adolescent mice. The results are tht these impairs memory function when they are older.

This piece of information has huge implications for giving adolescent children Ritalin type medications which have the same effect. ... Read More

Posted On 27/10/2009 16:45:44 by administrator
Treating ADHD

Today as I was doing some reading up on trends in behaviour problems like ADHD behaviours, in order to provide a great service to our community through HETwebsite. I came across a website with some articles on it.

A particular article caught my eye because it touched on something that I have so often found happening in families with ... Read More

Posted On 30/09/2009 16:05:37 by administrator
ADHD newsletter

I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who got back to me after last week’s newsletter with the eFrequency in it for relaxation. And ….YES! It is Dr Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy which had been specially sound converted and digitally stored along the lines of Benveniste’s research.



... Read More

Posted On 29/09/2009 17:55:06 by administrator
ADHD tips for survival

I heard a great comment from a Mom the other day. She had lost her temper in a situation that was nothing to do with her child but did that thing we all do at times like this and said a naughty word! What happened was that her son heard and gave her time out for saying it – Mom accepted the consequence with good grace.

How refresh ... Read More

Posted On 22/09/2009 14:49:47 by administrator
Rewarding parents and ADHD behaviours

Parents need more rewards than the child with ADHD and similar challenging behaviours.

A loving and supportive parent said to me the other day that her child (with autism) didn’t  relate to rewards. So putting the reward chart in place was a problem.

... Read More

Posted On 16/09/2009 07:40:43 by administrator

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