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Supporting ADHD


Only a few short weeks ago I set up HET website in response to people who told me they felt alone and cut off because of their kid’s behaviour. Already we have a  thriving community in regular contact with each other and accessing the help and support available through the site – so a big thank to you all and to  ... Read More

Posted On 13/09/2009 05:08:39 by administrator
adhd medication

ADHD medication

I am often asked my views about whether to medicate children with ADHD. My official response to this question is that parents should ensure they are fully informed of all the information available before making that so important ‘informed’ decision. A search on the internet will tell you that traditional medication is at best controversial. However searches on Natural approache ... Read More

Posted On 11/09/2009 18:35:24 by administrator
Can you recommend natural Remedies for ADHD?


Every day I am asked what are  effective and safe Natural remedies for ADHD? This is the question that every parent wants answering before they make decisions following a diagnosis of ADHD about whether or not to put their child on conve ... Read More

Posted On 12/08/2009 06:24:01 by administrator
Reward charts as part of a natural ADHD alternative approach

I have been recently putting in some support for a family who are pursuing the alternative to ADHD approach through HET. They haven’t got passed  putting in place the reward chart incentive structure and if you have done this stepping stone, you may recall me saying that it is usually the parents that break the contract?

When ... Read More

Posted On 10/08/2009 07:46:38 by administrator

Well finally the world is waking up to the fact that throwing medication at children who have been labelled with ADHD is not the answer. Professors and doctors are now coming out of hiding to agree that the benefits of these types of medication have long been overstated and in fact some of the side effects  include eating and sleeping disorders and even death in extreme cases, for children. Ritalin or methylphenidate type medication is now bei ... Read More

Posted On 28/05/2009 03:24:40 by administrator

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