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Ruby has a very special story to tell.

So please click here to get to know her.

She was always making new friends. Everyone loved Ruby!




When Ruby went into the 'non-physical' world - we created a special meeting place. It is a 'Heart Mind Place' where we can always meet up when we want to. We have created a 'Heart Mind Page' here to always meet up with any pets we have lost and missed. If you would like to send us a photo or a story or poem of a pet you have lost, then we will post that onto our page.

To visit our heart mind page - Please click here



This is  Ruby’s eBook for helping young people. It is available for you right now as a FREE download 

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Ruby wanted us to  celebrate HET PETs on this page. When you are kind to animals it is called a 'Random Act of Kindness'. It means we do this just because we care and want nothing back in return . Every time we do this our body produces 'Endorphins' - chemicals that make us feel better and also physically it helps us too -  for example  our immune  system improves   - Try it!!!


Please send in any photos of your pets or any short stories that you  may have and we will post them on here!





When I was researching HET (Holistic Educational Therapy), with some children in a pupil referral unit who had some very unhappy things happening in their life – Ruby came in with me to make some new friends – something that she was  really good at – Anyway, she played with the children and showed them through that ‘dog way’ of communicating, a lot about themsleves and their problems without even having to talk about them. Ruby would let them train her and they started to learn all sorts of things about needs, and wants, following direcions, safe places and personal networks.



When the children had shown their friends how well they had helped Ruby, they had a special treat, they visited 'Green Meadow  Animal Sanctuary' and made new friends there who they would regularly visit and help out. They would learn which natural remedies would help the animals and then they would know which remedies they could take themselves to help them feel better too, and they never even had to talk about what worrried them if they didn’t want to! The animal’s stories would always help them learn which remedies did the trick!  



When we went to Willow Bridge in Somerset - England  to set up a family retreat with our own animal sanctuary and Eco Village,Ruby had an important job. She looked after all the animals there and people read about her story and came from all around the world to meet her.


It was here that she met Daisy the Pig!

Ruby  showed  Daisy the Pig ( who has some behavioural problems!),  how to help children and families. So Daisy is carrying on with her good work  now.




After we returned from Willow Bridge, together they started the Snow Friends project to help families benefit  from the HET PET programme 

To read about Daisy's story and our work at Willow Bridge - Please click here




Snow Friends’ Project .




The Snow Friends Project is about helping others to find Happiness.

To find out about the 'SNOW FRIENDS PROJECT'

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Snow friends came back together in Wolverhampton, doing their old work  helping families.

Here is a little film Daisy made to help with ADHD

To see more of Daisy's videos  - please click here 



Once Daisy and I were back in Wolverhamptn we soon made friends with Jane1962 who is a member on our site. She does some amazing work through running a Pet Paddock / small sanctuary at a children's home.

For updates and information on Jayne's sanctuary

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Well done for finding the next clue in the Tresure Trail - Ruby loved to make friends with other animals.

So here is a HET PET project to help them

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Ruby has a special 'Heart Mind ' place where we can always meet. If you have lost a pet you love, please visit this page and leave a picture or a message or a story about your pet. then you will always have somewhere you can meet up together.

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Ruby worked with me to start the HET PET programme with animal sanctuaries


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She helped children in a pupil referral unit


snowfriends copy



Visiting the animal sanctuary as part of the HET PET programme


The children would get to know and help the animals



Ruby and Daisy soon became good friends




Ruby and Daisy were good at making new friends together




table manners4smop

They shared their stories with children and families via a webcam online





Sometimes she would be helpful



jogging copysm

The friends would even teach families how to stay fit and healthy together!