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Snow Friends’ Project .



The Snow Friends Project is about helping others to find Happiness.


A Special Programme I wrote is now being made available only through this project to help people  find their Personal Holistic  Happiness again.


The funding from these sales  will enable children and families  to access the HET coaching and support on line, help  home tutors to train in the HET techniques and to support families in their own homes, (as well as helping children understand the importance of kindness to animals and our planet thorugh the HET PET and Willow Programme.)



snowfriends copy



When you become a Snow Friend we will send you a snow friend project every month. 


You become a Snow Friend by helping someone else. 

At the same time as helping yourself, you can help someone else  with a Personal Holistic Happiness Programme. Your payment also helps to sponsor a family with a stepping stone programme and at the same time trains another person by enabling them to coach a family with a stepping stone.


You can achieve all of this by purchasing your very own amazing value, copy of the powerful




By  working through this interactive pack you can work with a friend at the same time and monitor each other's progress. You are helping someone else at the sametime as helping yourself


You can purchase this today at the  SPECIALLY HALF PRICE reduced  ONE OFF  payment of ONLY £10 GBP:


*The Personal Holistic Happiness Programme has helped countless people make positive adjustments in their life and is the structure that all our trainee HETS follow in their personal HET journey journal.


For more information visit:







When you purchase  this programme you will:


  •  Have access to a personal programme that can create  your life around healthy and abundant thinking and living; 

  • Have the opportunity to help a friend of yours through this programme with you

  • Contribute to a family accessing a FREE HET stepping stone support session online which also sponsors a FREE HET online family coach training session, ( we deposit a £10 credit in the HET data bank for every Personal Holistic Happiness programme purchased!)