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Set of Core Issue remedies Buy Now!
Located: Therapies
Price: GBP27.00
The core issue formulas represent the core of that - which “Is- YOU These are a set of 10 essences which have been specially formulated through HET to deal with traumatic experiences in the past and which are held onto as a cellular memory and replay as stresses in an individual’s life script. When they encounter certain situations that are in some way similar to the initial experience then it can act as a trigger. These essences are energetically stored in plain sugar balls and are safe and simple, yet profoundly effective in releasing underlying issues in the tissues! Price includes £2 p+p
29/04/2010 03:46:46
my daughter chose number 7 plus the colour purple,,well how amazing as i was watching lins video on core 7 it is all about colour,,soph said when we opend the box,,how did lin know these were going to help me,,,and boy did they i have never seen such a happy ,confident child it was truly amazing,thank you lin from the bottom of my heart xxxnicky